We invite you to visit the best events of the international festival “Winter Starts in Yakutia”

We offer you a selection of events that you must see when you first come to the coldest point of the planet!

Have you ever seen what can Yakutians create from ice and snow? Rate the works of real masters of their craft at the contest «Diamonds of Yakutia», which will be held on November 25 in the Ice Town!

Want to enjoy local cuisine? Come to the gastronomic festival «Taste of Yakutia», it starts on November 26 in the best restaurants of Yakutsk!
Have heard a lot about luxury Yakut furs? Then you should definitely visit the exhibition «Heat of Yakutia»! We are waiting for you at the Triumph Sport Complex on November 30.

We also invite all guests to the 2nd Republican Contest «Snow Beauty of Yakutia», where the most beautiful girls of our region will present themselves and our national flavor! Triumph Sport Complex will be open to all visitors on November 30.

Have time to visit all the brightest events of the frostiest festival “Winter Starts in Yakutia”, which has been held in the coldest republic of the world for many years!

You can view the program on the winteryakutia.ru website. Follow the news on Instagram @winteryakutia and Facebook «Winter Starts in Yakutia»!

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